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Cutting diameter0.79 in
Right hand
Length7.87 in
Medium hand size (M)
Weight0.6 lb
The epitome of the all-round, high performance pruning tool, the compact comfort of the FELCO 12 pruning shears / secateurs brings rotating-handled relief to your muscles. Whether you have small or large hands they excel ergonomically to deliver outstanding reach and cutting power in all pruning tasks. Designed to satisfy even the most demanding users, the exceptional cut quality is something you can take for granted with any FELCO tool. Download our hand sizing chart in the documentation section below.
Made in Switzerland
Lifetime warranty
Product information
There is nothing roundabout in the way the revolving handle of the FELCO 12 spreads the load and deals with the stress on your muscles. A 30% reduction in the cutting force required –is not something you will dismiss at the end of a long day’s pruning. The FELCO 12 is an ideal tool for all hand sizes across the full range of pruning applications. From the first grip they will mould into an agile extension of your pruning hand. Rubber shock absorbers and an angled cutting head contribute considerably to the perceptible comfort of operation. With a fully adjustable cutting head, you will very soon wonder how you ever pruned without them. 
UPC: 783929100166
Family: One-hand pruning shear
Performance attributes
Tool type: Bypass young branches
Cutting diameter: 0.79 in
Length (net): 7.87 in
Depth (net): 0.1 in
Weight (net): 0.6 lb
Depth (gross): 0.14 in
Weight (gross): 0.7 lb
Hand size: Medium
Dexterity: Right
Softgrip indication: Yes

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