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FELCO 211-60

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Cutting diameter1.38 in
Length23.62 in
Weight1.95 lb
The FELCO 211-60 loppers deliver maximum cutting power with ease ensuring pruning larger diameter branches up close or at height does not feel like hard work. The curved cutting head with a hooked counter blade and variable radius on the blade provide power and precision that cleanly slice through wood with ease. The 60cm / 23.6inch handles give flexibility to cut at different heights and are comfortable to use thanks to the lightweight aluminium handles and the forgiving shock absorbers. Precision, power and comfort, just what you need from a pair of loppers.
Made in Switzerland
Product information
Like with most heavily used tools, users say it’s all in the “feel”. We may be a bit biased, but all our loppers feel right - when you pick them up, you just know that FELCO has the loppers for whatever your pruning job. This is evident with our FELCO 211-60 loppers. From the pull of the branch into the curved cutting head, to the easy blade adjustment, and the lightweight robust handles, all essential elements are there. The clean cutting consistency makes pruning a pleasure through this combination of comfort, minimal effort and applied efficiency. The sum of these parts adds up to the magic ingredient that our tools have when they are put to work in your hands.
UPC: 783929102023
Performance attributes
Tool type: Bypass young branches
Cutting diameter: 1.38 in
Length (net): 23.62 in
Depth (net): 0.12 in
Weight (net): 1.95 lb
Depth (gross): 0.1 in
Weight (gross): 2.37 lb

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