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Cutting diameter1.77 in
Length33.07 in
Weight4.37 lb
If you’ve ever overheard a conversation about the FELCO 22 loppers you’ll be aware of just how creative our users can be when trying to describe their unparalleled strength and cutting power. We know what will impress you most about these loppers are the practical details of the sturdy heavy duty design, the robust forged aluminium construction, and the powerful way the FELCO 22 can easily cut through branches with diameters up to 45 mm / 1.77 inches. 
Made in Switzerland
Lifetime warranty
Product information
The FELCO 22 is a heavy-duty bypass lopper with outstanding leverage that cuts larger branches effortlessly. The forged aluminium-alloy handles make it an incomparably rugged no nonsense performer, with ergonomic grips that provides maximum comfort while minimising your exertions. Rubber shock absorbers and the adjustable cutting head contribute to the smooth ease of use, no matter how hard your pruning work. All you will feel afterward using is disbelief that it is possible to handle so much cutting with so little strain and impact on your muscles.
UPC: 783929100227
Performance attributes
Tool type: Bypass young branches
Cutting diameter: 1.77 in
Length (net): 33.07 in
Depth (net): 0.12 in
Weight (net): 4.37 lb
Depth (gross): 0.16 in
Weight (gross): 5.63 lb

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