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Cutting diameter1.57 in
Length31.5 in
Weight2.54 lb
Effortless, precise cutting is the order of any day that you go pruning with the robust efficiency of the FELCO 230 loppers. The straight blade and anvil combination cut through hard and dead wood with ease. An ingenious gearing system puts 65% extra power in your hands, along with the lightweight construction and 80cm/31.4 inches long handles all ensure cutting branches of up to 40mm / 1.57 inches feels routine, even when used overhead.
Made in Switzerland
Product information
Here at FELCO each one of our loppers is an equally important part of the product family. Each is an individual, offering specific strengths to match the diverse cutting demands of our users. We are glad when they are appreciated and go to a good home. The FELCO 230 lopper is for those who are looking for lightweight comfort and the feeling of power – 65% more to be precise, due to the lever-action gearing system. Powerful pruning, even in the toughest of wood is exactly what you will get with the straight tapered blade and anvil cutting head. Precision cuts with the tip or the full blade, however high you aim with the 80cm/ 31.4 inches long handles, you will enjoy the exemplary features of the FELCO 230 provide. 
UPC: 783929100609
Performance attributes
Tool type: Anvil dry wood
Cutting diameter: 1.57 in
Length (net): 31.5 in
Depth (net): 0.13 in
Weight (net): 2.54 lb
Depth (gross): 0.18 in
Weight (gross): 3.41 lb
Softgrip indication: Yes

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