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Cutting diameter0.98 in
Right hand
Large hand size (L)
Length8.27 in
Weight0.49 lb
These pruning shears / secateurs offer powerful leverage so that cutting wood up to 25 mm thickness is never a problem. Rugged and extremely durable, the FELCO 4 is perfect for all types of pruning work, and an indispensable tool for anyone with large hands who has wasted far too much valuable cutting time looking for the ideal pair of pruning shears.Download our hand sizing chart in the documentation section below.
Made in Switzerland
Lifetime warranty
Product information
The strength of the FELCO 4’s rugged lightweight handles in forged aluminium combines with their lifetime guarantee to convey the essence of this no-nonsense tool. The FELCO 4 delivers the trademark FELCO features but from a perspective where core function is the main emphasis. These shears are specifically designed to give you increased leverage - for that extra cutting power you may require from time to time - enabling you to cut wood up to 25 mm without pause. The meticulous construction, which incorporates a blade and riveted counter blade in high-quality steel, delivers a highly durable solution for all types of pruning tasks. Those with large hands will find the FELCO 4, and the knowledge that all parts are replaceable, equally perfect reasons to choose this pruning tool.
UPC: 783929100029
Family: One-hand pruning shear
Performance attributes
Tool type: Bypass young branches
Cutting diameter: 0.98 in
Length (net): 8.27 in
Depth (net): 0.1 in
Weight (net): 0.49 lb
Depth (gross): 0.14 in
Weight (gross): 0.66 lb
Hand size: Large
Dexterity: Right

FELCO 4: Spare parts replacement

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