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Weight0.13 lb
Stylish, safe and practical in equal measure, the ergonomic FELCO 501 pocket knife comprises a robust stainless steel blade, a sommelier quality cork screw, tweezers, and a safe blade lock system. It has an easy blade-opening slot that both right and left-handers will immediately claim as their own. Maintenance is simple following a few easy steps and even easier considering it is dishwasher safe.  
Made in Switzerland
Lifetime warranty
Product information
It’s not often that you find a tool that equally satisfies the demands of users who prioritise both the aesthetic and the functional. The FELCO 501 pocket knife is an all-rounder that has something for everyone, right down to the innovative blade-opening slot that makes it ideal for right and left-handers alike. “Soft-touch” handles mean you will take it out of your pocket continuously to enjoy the feel and balance, as you turn it over in your hands. Good grip and a system that locks the stainless steel blade in the open position, combine to deliver outstanding safety. Simply press the cross to unlock and enjoy the remaining two functions - namely the precision tweezers - and a cork screw with 5 turns. Maintenance is simple. Open a bottle and pour a glass, then congratulate yourself on your purchase while you place the FELCO 501 into the dishwasher.
UPC: 783929100746
Performance attributes
Tool type: Pocket knife
Length (net): 3.74 in
Weight (net): 0.13 lb
Depth (gross): 0.06 in
Weight (gross): 0.16 lb
Blade length (net): 2.76 in
Dexterity: Universel
Softgrip indication: Yes

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