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Weight0.18 lb
The FELCO 503 pocket knife is like having a toolbox in your pocket. With easy access to nine different functions we have designed it for everyone whether at work or out on leisure, the constant user or the occasional, the right or left-hander, the professional or the amateur. In fact, it’s the tool for anyone who needs the peace of mind and convenience that comes from comfortably carrying a safe, innovative, ergonomic, reliable and efficient multi-use pocket knife.  
Made in Switzerland
Lifetime warranty
Product information
It may be the first tool you will pick up in the morning and the last thing you remove from your pocket at night. If you do forget to remove the FELCO 503 pocket knife from your clothes you shouldn’t be concerned because an occasional rinse in the dishwasher is part of the prescribed maintenance regime. There are nine functions, including: a 75mm blade, a sommelier type cork screw, tweezers, a universal bottle opener and a No. 3 flat-blade screwdriver. With a wire-bending notch, can opener, a No. 1 flat-blade screwdriver and simple blade lock system incorporated into the firm grasp of its curved handle to complete the essential inventory, the FELCO 503 is your insurance against whatever the day throws at you. Apart from mastering all those little jobs, you will inevitably seek to experience the pleasure of using this pocket knife again and again. 
UPC: 783929100760
Performance attributes
Tool type: Pocket knife
Length (net): 3.74 in
Weight (net): 0.18 lb
Depth (gross): 0.06 in
Weight (gross): 0.21 lb
Blade length (net): 2.76 in
Dexterity: Universel
Softgrip indication: Yes

FELCO 503: Spare parts replacement

    FELCO 503: Maintenance