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FELCO 8 Premium SE

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Cutting diameter
Right hand
Length8.27 in
Weight0.55 lb
The Premium Special Edition range is designed to meet the expectations of FELCO users who wish to have an exceptional tool that combines craftsmanship and technology, handmade and industrial processes. To make these pruning shears very special pieces, the components undergo specific treatments. The emblematic forged aluminum handles are anodized and sandblasted black, while the blade and counterblade are chromed black. These treatments not only provide a unique appearance, but also ensure greater resistance and durability to the elements.
Made in Switzerland
Product information
The exceptional ergonomics imagined by FELCO creates a feeling of optimal comfort when using your pruning shears. The tilted cutting head prevents the tool from slipping into your hand and makes the FELCO 8 a natural extension of yourself, easy to use and comfortable, which reduces muscle fatigue from the first use. The feeling of comfort is enhanced by the rubber shock absorbers that help reduce the cutting effort on your wrists, as well as the handle-shaped design that optimizes the force applied to the chosen cut. The precision adjustment mechanism makes it easy to adjust the cutting head according to your needs.
UPC: 783929102153
Family: One-hand pruning shear
Performance attributes
Tool type: Bypass young branches
Length (net): 8.27 in
Depth (net): 0.1 in
Weight (net): 0.55 lb
Depth (gross): 0.13 in
Weight (gross): 0.72 lb
Dexterity: Right

FELCO 8 Premium SE: Spare parts replacement

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