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Cutting diameter1.18 in
Right hand
Weight5.57 lb
Be prepared for a defining moment when you first use the FELCO 802 electric pruning shears. We describe this as an extension of your body – as you experience those few seconds of disbelief when you realise how much speed, precision and power these electric pruning shears deliver so comfortably into your hand with so little effort.   The FELCO 802 is so light, precise, and easy to handle, that you will be able to prune intensively an entire day without barely using your muscles.  
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Made in Switzerland
Product information
These ultra-fast electric pruning shears make intense pruning sessions a walk in the park, or vineyard, or orchard… From agriculture to horticulture to nurseries, the precision and power of the FELCO 802 will let you simply cut through branches up to 30mm / 1.2inches. The lightweight, ergonomic design and balance will ensure your muscles are left unstrained after a long pruning session.
UPC: 783929101071
Performance attributes
Cutting diameter: 1.18 in
Length (net): 10.43 in
Weight (net): 5.57 lb
Depth (gross): 0.72 in
Weight (gross): 12.17 lb
Dexterity: Right

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